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My shawls are made mostly with silk but also fun and unusual fabrics and some with decorative crocheted yarn.  Each scarf or shawl is made to order. There is a small selection of ready made available.

Some of my shawls are available on my on-line store :

You can also contact for price, time, availability and any other information.

GOLDEN LEAVES Autumn Shawl  $130  To buy this shawl, please go to:

EVENING or BRIDAL SHAWL: 100% embroidered silk with glass pendant enclosure $ 150


Chiara Shawl – SOLD

Gold and Knit Shawl – SOLD

Gray and Fuchsia Shawl – SOLD

Maria Teresa Shawl – SOLD

Grey and Light Green Shawl – SOLD

Blue and Turquoise & Blue and Green Shawls – SOLD