Art by Chiara Romano Van Erp

Since I was I child “making art” has been a serene pastime and a joyous escape for me.
Although I never studied art in an art school, (I was afraid that a school would transform my “joyous escape” into a duty, I chose instead classical high school and then architecture), I grew up in an artistic environment and had my first lessons in pastel drawing, and oil painting from my mother, the painter Nennele Formica Romano, and in sculpture from my aunt, the sculptor Claudia Formica.
Later I studied etching in Torino, under the direction of Romano Campagnoli, and ceramics and woodworking in Arcosanti, Arizona.
All my life I have drawn and painted, experimenting with different media and techniques in two and three-dimensional work.
The only constant in this variety of techniques is a theme of mostly architectural inspiration.
When I started to design carpets and rugs, my recreational oil paintings and the gouache and pencil drawings for the carpets started to influence and inspire each other.

My work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Arizona.